Discover the Revolutionary BIAB Method: Care and Beautify your Natural Nails with this Technique
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Discover the Revolutionary BIAB Method: Care and Beautify your Natural Nails with this Technique

Updated: Aug 27

Say goodbye to worries about chipped or broken nails, and welcome a lifestyle where your nails will look flawless at all times!

The BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) method is transforming the nail industry with its innovative technique that combines the durability of artificial nails with natural elegance.

Healthy and radiant nails with the BIAB method:

What is the BIAB Method? The BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) method is not only a synonim of dazzling nails but also of exceptional care for your natural nails. Unlike traditional methods, BIAB stands out for its focus on strengthening and protecting your nails, creating a solid foundation for lasting style.

The secret lies in the flexible and resilient layers that make up BIAB. These layers are applied directly to your natural nails, providing them with additional protection against breakage and chipping. As BIAB hardens, it forms a protective barrier that helps prevent damage from daily wear and tear, and external aggressors.

Unlike traditional extensions that can weaken and damage natural nails, the BIAB method works in harmony with them. By strengthening the nail structure, this method allows healthy and strong growth while providing the opportunity to showcase beautiful and well-maintained nails.

Fewer salon visits and more time to show off your style!

Moreover, the BIAB method offers a significant advantage: its ability to withstand extended wear. With proper application and care, you can enjoy flawless nails for 3 to even 4 weeks, which means fewer salon visits and more time to showcase your style.

Nail length to suit your style: Short or long, you decide.

The BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) method is not only a path to strong and elegant nails but also offers incredible versatility in terms of length. Whether you prefer a short and polished style or want to showcase longer, more striking nails, BIAB can exceptionally adapt to your preferences.

For those who opt for a short and practical nail style, the BIAB method provides a solid foundation that protects your natural nails while maintaining a clean and polished appearance. BIAB's flexible gel layers are applied directly to your nails, giving them strength and durability without the need for long extensions.

If you have a preference for longer and more elegant nails, the BIAB method can also fulfill your desires. By applying additional layers of the sturdy gel, you can achieve extra length without compromising the strength and integrity of your nails. This means you can enjoy longer and beautiful nails with the confidence that they will remain strong and protected.

Application of this flexible gel

The key to the BIAB method is that the gel layers applied at each step strengthen natural nails, providing resistance and protection against breakage and chipping. Furthermore, the gel is flexible, which means it doesn't become rigid and brittle, allowing nails to maintain their natural appearance and a more natural movement.

In summary, the BIAB method works by applying layers of special gel to natural nails, providing strength, protection, and beauty. The layers are cured under a UV or LED lamp and allow for customization of nail length and style. This approach has gained popularity for its ability to deliver long-lasting, professional-looking nails without resorting to traditional extensions.

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