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Welcome to our website! We are Candela and Ignacio, a couple with very diverse interests and passions and we have come together to create a unique and special space. 

Candela is passionate about decoration and finds her inspiration in the latest trends in the world of fashion. She is always looking for new ways to transform spaces, and create cozy and stylish environments. In addition, she is a strong advocate of healthy lifestyle.

Ignacio is an art dealer with a deep appreciation for creativity and beauty in all its forms. His love for art has led him to explore different currents and styles, and his goal is to share that passion with the world.

Together, we have combined our passions and knowledge to create this space where we share our ideas, projects and discoveries. Whether you're looking for home decorating inspiration, tips for a healthier lifestyle, or interested in the world of art and technology, you've come to the right place!

We hope you find valuable information on our website and feel inspired to explore new perspectives and opportunities. Thank you for visiting us and being part of this exciting adventure!

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